We are the Kappa Phi Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi at Valparaiso University. Our chapter is composed of a group of brothers who share similiar goals of professional success and are dedicated to the core values of Delta Sigma Pi. We are proud to be Deltasigs!

Meet Our 2019-2020 Officers: 
President: Braden Sim (DSP.President@valpo.edu)
Senior Vice President: Jackson Sheputis (DSP.SeniorVP@valpo.edu)
VP of Chapter Operations: Paige Williams (DSP.VPChapterOperations@valpo.edu)
VP of Pledge Education: Alex Dixon (DSP.VPPledgeEducation@valpo.edu)
VP of Finance: Beth Collins (DSP.VPFinance@valpo.edu)
Chancellor: Holly Reuss (DSP.Chancellor@valpo.edu)
VP of Professional Activities: Bryan Garmon (DSP.VPProfessionalActivities@valpo.edu)
VP of Community Service: Maddie Mesplay (DSP.VPCommunityService@valpo.edu)
VP of Scholarships and Awards: Mark Lorenz (DSP.VPScholarship@valpo.edu)
VP of Alumni Relations: Sarah Brown (DSP.VPAlumniRelations@valpo.edu)
VP of Faculty Relations: Zoe Lucas (DSP.VPFacultyRelations@valpo.edu)
Fundraising Coordinator: Payton Bertermann (DSP.VPFundraising@valpo.edu)
Social Coordinator: Sean Ozinga (DSP.Social@valpo.edu)
Public Relations Coordinator: Emily Baur (DSP.PublicRelations@valpo.edu)